COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

The philosophy behind the [TRANS]formation School design is the use of adaptive passive solar architecture. The school has been designed as a function of the climatic conditions of Khovd, the building can be adapted to suit the changing weather and climate, both daily and seasonally.  The building is transformed daily using large, manually operated insulated shutters, opening the building in the morning for the collection of solar energy, and then closing it again in the evening to prevent the useful energy that has been collected from being lost, thereby charging the building with heat ready for the following day. The [TRANS]formation School demonstrates the use of environmental design to improve occupant comfort in an extreme climate, the building proposes an opportunity to transform the future of Mongolian educational buildings.


The project team comprises of:

Gary Robson, Sam Mitson
Nathan Mundy and Thora Arnardottir from Brightspace Architects in the UK 

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