COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

Our proposal offers a design and arrangement of spaces that embody the adaptive spirit of the northern people. The proposal responds to change through several means: spatially, climatically, and materially. Rooms are arranged in a pinwheel-like formation around a generous circulation space, with all room doors oriented toward the center. Each room remains an independent enclosed volume connected via a latticed roof circulation space. Rooms maintain a variable ceiling height that gestures toward either direct or indirect light, depending upon use. The design recognizes that learning occurs inside as well as outside the classroom. By integrating a “third” space serving both as circulation and other informal uses, alternative modes of interaction between students and teachers can occur. This is designed as an “outside-in” space, which has its own micro-climate reflective of the current season. The third space is between the classrooms, recreation space, and utilities / washroom space and therefore ties them together as a social interior street.


The project team comprises of:

Lateral Office (Toronto, CAN) Lola Sheppard, Mason White, Kate Holbrook-Smith and Jack Lipson

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