COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

Our proposal for the new Tsast Altai school addition is designed to capture and retain as much heat as possible in a given day, climatizing the classrooms and gym while extending their function to become bunked dorm rooms at night to accommodate the students of nomadic families, which account for close to 40% of the national population. The new addition establishes a relationship to the existing school by defining a shared courtyard entryway as a common playground. An attached greenhouse combines with a blackboard thermal mass trombe wall to form the hallway which doubles as a verdant library and agriculture classroom, and facilitates both passive and active solar heating for the building


The project team comprises of:

Yuval Zohar, Livio Ercoli, Guo Xiaojuan, Victor Vieaux and Mei Zhang from Shanghai-based MUDI Architects. 

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