COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

Getting an education in Mongolia is a challenge. In winter, temperatures drop to below -45oc; during extreme ‘dzud’ winters, even lower. In a country that is criss-crossed with active seismic faults, few buildings have been designed with earthquakes in mind. Rapid urbanisation means there is a chronic shortage of space in schools. Lean School is a blueprint for overcoming these challenges. The triangular section is a passive design response to the extreme environment. It reduces exposure to prevailing northerly winds while harvesting solar energy on its south elevation. The highly insulated, sealed envelope minimises heating energy demands.The pitched form creates an efficient seismic-resistant stability system. The inclined plane of the roof is formed of a stiff steel diagrid, the pitch allowing one side of the grid to be firmly anchored into the foundation. This removes the need for bracing or complicated connections. This offers flexibility and simplicity, redundancy and safety, while reducing cost. 


The project team comprises of:

Jo Wright, Caroline Sohie, Sean Macintosh, Lisa Mullan, Chris Straessle, Ivo Tedbury, Lucy Mullins, David Campbell, Jorge Albert, Ashlin Milton and Ahmad Harun from Arup Associates and Richard Boyd, Ethan Monaghan-Pisano, Kate Anderson, Simon Joe Portal, Timothy Snelson, Michael Beaven and Dima Zogheib from Arup

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