COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

The main idea was to achieve an integrated design approach through combining social interaction, economic vitality, environmental connectivity and an inspired design. The concept ensures the architectural aesthetics can be achieved by using low-cost, energy-efficient, economically-constructive design, without any intricate details that cannot be learnt by locals. The project is adapted to the needs and the economic situation of the people in the region and responsive to the prevalent climatic conditions, and thus capable of achieving sustainability. The school building is made of local materials with local workforce and craftsmen. The aim is to encourage the community to make the most out of the materials that are easily available, so that they could apply the same construction techniques in the future extension project. As the materials are scarce, soil was utilized to make sundried soil blocks. The whole school is hand-made. This will allow employing many people from the community, and it keeps all techniques simple and transferable. 


The project team comprises of:

Ragy Aly Mostafa Elsayed Elgendy, Marwa Kamel AbdelHamid El Sayed, Merna Nabil Saad Henen, Aymen Jamal Mohamed Abdelmaksoud, Hebaallah AbdelWahab Mohamed Fathi and Lora Nabil Saad Henen from Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt.

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