COOLschool Competition Honourable mention

Our proposed design for the school is inspired by native Yurt houses. The main merits of this idea are simplicity, convenience and originality as the design stems from Mongolia's life and culture. Significant items for us in the design process were context, indigenous materials, and colour. As colour makes a lively ambience in a children's world, a broad spectrum of colours forms the main elements in our project. The designed building represents itself by a unique brick pattern. Not only the pattern is visually appealing, but also it is in accordance with the climate conditions. Besides, it is simple and can be created by native material. The repetitive brick elements create balance and order across façades surfaces, pleasing to the eye and making a vibrant perspective which can be easily comprehended by the children.


The project team comprises of:

Amirabbas Aboutalebi, Hooman Balazadeh, Yasaman forootan, Fatemeh Tajik, Artshin Mazoji, Hoda barzegar ganji and Samira Hajinasiri from Iran 

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