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Frequently Asked Question's

Please note final date for registration and fee payment is 3rd March 2017 (11.59pm GMT)

1. I would like to know if the plans are in meters or feet?
- Dimensions are in metric I.e metres

2. Can i add some material to mix with bamboo?
- Yes you can add some other material. 

3. Regarding the cad file, is the oval shape the building boundary or just an indication?
- The oval shape is just an indication of where the central pavilion will be located. The maximum dimensions are 15 x 10 metres (see layout plan)

4. Is there any specific program requirement for the pavilion?
- Program requirement is an open flexible space

5. Is the site plan pdf to scale? To make sure, what is the horizontal length of "Store A" ?
- Horizontal length of store A is as shown 4.5m.

6. Can this be a group submission or just an individual submission ? 
- It can be either a group or individual submission, it's up to you. Please find full entry details on page 7 of the competition brief.

7. Is it still possible to change my registered name to our company name under this number?
- Please confirm company name and full team members when submitting your design. 

8 Is there a height restriction? 
- No, but be realistic about what is buildable

9.Is the area popular with tourists or more with locals? 
- Both

10. Where is the main source of public transport? 
- There is very little public transport in phnom penh but the train station is at one end of the freedom park and the bus station is at the other.

11. During what times will the festival be open? 
- Festival times are still to be confirmed but will be roughly 9am - 8pm

12. How tall are the shops surrounding the future pavilion? 
- Approx 3-4m

13. What will the stalls look like? Tents? Bamboo material? 
- The stalls will be made of bamboo with white fabric.

14. Can we get photos of the area? Possibly views from where the pavilion is going to be 
- Please use Google maps and street view to see around the site and view photos from the site here 

15. Can the art installation areas be merged with the proposed pavilion?
- No, the maximum dimensions are 15 x 10 metres (see layout plan) the oval shape/boundary line is an indication of where the central pavilion will be located. The art installations are separate to the main pavilion.

16. From the give site for installation, how much area can be used for design and execution of the pavilion
- The maximum dimensions are 15 x 10 metres

17. What is the setback distance from the stores on both the sides?
- Please take dimensions from the dwg file

18.  The fee to register is for each person that are involving in the project or is it a team registration fee ? 
- The fee to register is per team, please ensure to list all team members when submitting your design.

19. What is the time period for the competition ? 
- The final date for registering (making payment) is 3rd March, the final date for submitting your proposal is 17th March

20. What is the winning prize, will the winning design be constructed?
- The 1st Prize winning design will be built as the central pavilion at our CAMBOO bamboo festival in Phnom Penh this March in Cambodia.

21. Do we have to advise all team members names on the layout, or is it a separate paper? (means is it anonymous or not?)
- Please see submission requirements on pages 9-10 of brief. Do not place your name or company name on any of the competition panels. Please list full team members in email when submitting your design

22. How many of the maximum of a group can be in?
There is no maximum, please just ensure to advise all team members names when submitting your proposal.

23. As you can tell, we may use 1 sheet of a2 format in horizontal, but can we more than 1 a2 and tell us about the maximum of presentation panels that we can reach to.
You may only use 1 sheet in A2 landscape format to submit your proposal.

24. As we are architecture student at university, does it has any exceptional for the entrance fee?
There is no discounted entry for students

25. how many days will it take to build the pavilion?
- 10 days

26. Is there are cost constraint with regards to building the pavilion?
- No

27. May I know who is sponsoring the whole competition?
- There is no sponsor to the competition

28. Will the multi-purpose space be used for any specific event or performance?
- The multi-purpose space should be designed as an open flexible space where a variety of activities could be held.











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