Building Trust stations:

We are looking for people with shared goals to ours to send us ideas for socially aware design projects that are local to them, or in a place that they have a strong connection with.We offer the support and experience to help transform ideas from paper into a reality that can benefit the environment, a community or an individual in need of support.

Together we can;
- get more people thinking about global issues from a design background, 
- apply for funding through various channels,
- organise events or suggest fundraising events that you may be able to set up/ run,
- focus media attention to certain issues,
- set your idea as part of an educational brief for students to consider,
- showcase great design ideas and influence thought on design and aid,
- create a larger community of like-minded professionals with a common social agenda.

We are run collectively by a board of volunteers and would love to include you and your ideas in Building Trust and shaping our future.



Volunteering with Building Trust...

We have a number of ways of getting involved with what we are doing in 2012. Below are some of the roles that we are currently searching for, if however you think you could offer skills that we have not listed below then do not hestitate to contact us and we can discuss it further.

Many thanks

Mae Sot School Building Team: June-July 2012; we are looking for people who don’t mind hard work in the heat but with a lot of rewards. We will be building the winning design from our School 4 Burma Competition. Preference will be given to those that took part in the competition and to those with a small amount of experience in engineering, natural building, joinery, on site works, and those that don’t mind getting stuck in with a high level of commitment. You will also be expected to get yourself to Mae Sot and pay for your accommodation (accommodation costs in Mae Sot are very low) Unlike other groups however we do not charge for your involvement and we will give supervision and onsite instruction.

Rendering: People with great graphic skills and the ability to tell a story through an image. We need your help to represent our projects and give life to concepts. Get in touch if you can turn a model into a great image which can turn an idea into a reality.

PR specialists: On-going; we are looking for someone to continue our work in forging relationships with companies that can support our on-going projects. We also would like to add a member to our press release team who has experience of dealing with the press and increasing exposure of our projects.

Campaign leaders: Start immediately: we are going to launch a number of campaigns in 2012 and are looking for individuals with experience that can offer advice and support to ensure we make the most from our campaigns.

Individual Fundraising: we are looking for people to come up with their own ideas to fundraise. From sponsored runs (we are currently looking for individuals to run the Great Scottish Run Sunday 2nd Sept 2012), bake sales to art exhibitions. If you have an idea on how you, or your workplace could raise money for one of our building projects we want to hear from you. We are currently seeking funding for more refugee and migrant schools and it is with your support that we can make it possible.





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