1st prize
: Digital SLR (or cash equivalent if you already have one.) Feature on the front cover of our 2013 Calender.

2nd-12th prize: Feature in our 2013 Calender plus a free Calender showcasing the best work from the competition.


Natural to built up, open or closed, dry to wet. Landscapes are so diverse we hope to see some great examples here of how the World is made up of some truly spectacular views.


Natural build or concrete and glass, large scale /small scale, natural/man-made, public or private. Have fun and show how space in which we live can be defined.


Crowds or portraits, you decide. Highlight differences and similarities in features or behaviors.


Rich or poor, does money bring happiness, does wealth equate health? This category is open to interpretation, surprise us think creatively about the haves and have nots?


Young or old, night to day we want a split screen image that speaks about not just a moment but a period of time.


This category should actually be Work + Play, look around at how people spend their time either use the same people in differing situations or show how work means a different thing depending on where you live.


We know that you may have an idea that does not fit with the categories above and who are we to stiffle your creativity. If this is the case for you then please enter you image under the Open category.







Digital cameras have now surpassed developing film and the Digital World is taking over the developing World. We live in a World of wifi and mobile networks making the World smaller and more connected but still very different from country to country, street to street, face to face. We are asking for people to submit their take on a World of opposites and celebrate difference in a series of pictures. You could win yourself a brand new Digital SLR camera, or the equivalent in cash which ever you prefer.

We are asking for you to not only get a great shot but to splice 2 images together in a split-screen effect highlighting the similarities and differences in the World. We have some great categories for you to get inspired by, and cannot wait to see the results...

Simple 2 step registration.

1. Email us at competitions@buildingtrustinternational.org with the heading 'photo' and we will send you a registration number and details of how to pay the one off £10 fee.

2. Once registered you can enter as many images as you like in any of the categories Until the 1st November when the competition closes. We look forward to seeing your ideas, all the best of luck!

Some inspiration...

oxfam womens day
Thanks to Oxfam International. Women's Day Poster.

Urban Blocks. From Chinese and American settlements.

Thanks to Ulric Collette

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