PLAYscapes Competition Student WINNER

The proposal shows the versatility and reinvention of space is constant, depending on the use or need. Initially we redeveloped the space, building furniture with euro pallets, a material that is sturdy, inexpensive and easy to get anywhere in the World. Thus the project results from the use of pallets that generate different sporting and leisure activities. These devices are designed for use by people of any age. Providing an organized space, allows the community to build upon existing arrangements or create new ones. Designed to showcase the community and the history of the space, the proposal is self-sustaining, locally managed and constantly evolving.


The project team comprises of a student team from Lusiada University of Lisbon, Faculty of Architecture and Arts:

Ricardo Alves Morais, Ivo Castro Nascimento, João Maria Bebiano Peixe, Diogo Baeta Neves dos Anjos and Rúben de Sousa Teodoro

Ricardo Morais said, “Initially we decided to redevelop the space, building furniture equipment made with euro pallets, a material that is structurally sturdy, inexpensive and easy to find anywhere in the World.”


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