PLAYscapes Competition Honourable Mention

Through the middle of the Mumbai stretches a long, green corridor that shelters the water pipeline and connects many important places of the city, from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park to Dharavi (the pipeline runs underground towards the South of the city). Bom(PLAY) proposes a play-corridor, which allows for different activities, such as a fitness trail, adapted to suit the needs of the city- scape and its local inhabitants. The city has the potential to be really fun, with a long waterfront, many rivers, a lot of trees, and a very enthusiastic population.

Project Team: Principal Architect, Abhishek Ray

Quote: Abhishek Ray, said, “The project BOM(PLAY) devises the development of open spaces in the city along a linear water carrying median. The design proposal looks at creating minimal interventions to transform redundant spaces into pulsating recreation and sporting hubs for the citizens of Mumbai. 

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