Framework Housing, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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The Framework Housing project is the result of working closely with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and proposing a new incremental housing strategy which can complement their delivery of housing in the region. It also comes at a time when AusAID and Asia Development Bank are working with the Cambodian Government in finding suitable, sustainable solutions for better housing compared with the informal settlements in the centre of Phnom Penh. It is the aim of the Framework Housing project to address two critical areas, 1. The right to land with formal titles, 2. Sustainably designed dwellings with opportunities for families to decide upon a layout that reflect their lifestyles and needs and have the ability to invest upon and develop their home over time. We hope the project will be a pilot for other housing projects in Cambodia to learn from and adapt. If successful in our bid for funding we have made agreements to share findings and technical information with the government and other groups dealing with relocations and resettlements within Phnom Penh. There is a chance for this project to shape delivery of housing at a national level.


Project Design:

Rather than see the project as solely the delivery of housing, the Framework Housing project looks at delivering a range of opportunities that will be driven forward by the communities and the families that live within them. Each house design allows for a number of decisions to be made by the host family that are informed by their lifestyle and how they intend to use the space. Once complete the house can be adapted and extended if and when funds become available or as the occupants lifestyle changes. These steps instil a sense of ownership and pride and have positive knock on effects upon the whole community. The houses will each have their own identity and be at various stages which will give people the chance to learn and adapt based on what they see around them. Throughout the construction process we will run workshops and provide basic training. We will also create onsite treatment facilities for bamboo which will be used in the structural roof trusses, but will also be able to carry on work after construction in the production of more resistant sustainable walling and flooring materials.

Project Images:

The project is scheduled to start in early 2014 if enough funds have been raised.



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