Mobile Medical Care Centre (MMCC), Cambodia


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Following the success of our MOVINGschools project we were approached by Prof. Lim Kueky of the Cambodian Diabetics Assoc. (CDA) He had acquired a piece of land with a temporary lease and wanted to construct an outpatient clinic. Building Trust visited the site and with the help of local Architect, Stuart Cochlin have been working on providing the design and management. Work is due to start Sept 2013, although we are still seeking funds to complete the fit-out of the completed clinic.


Project Design:

Working from the MOVINGschool design of a prefabricated steel frame that is bolted together on site the clinic is slightly different in its fit-out due to being a health care facility. Internal air conditioning was required for areas that keep drugs and the client wanted a large amount of the facility to be glazed to break down patient fears and keep a string connection between the internal and external areas.

Image used for consulation on scale and location.

Project Images:
More images coming soon.

1 month consultation period to be carried out in tandem with material sourcing and selection is complete.
1 month build time to begin Sept 2013



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