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HAWSE (Homes through Apprenticeships With Skills for Employment) works on the principal of renting and inhabiting disused garages on existing housing estates. Architects Levitt Bernstein believe that they not only offer a home but education opportunities in construction techniques, a way of regenerating street frontage and a practical interim solution between other development possibilities. The project is the result of the HOME competition Building Trust initiated in 2012 looking for new responses to single occupancy housing(SOH.) The SOH typology is predicted to see the largest growth over the next 20 years within the UK, USA and Austrailia. Often it is the most in need that end up living in unacceptable conditions within studio accomodation. Building Trust have worked with Levitt Bernstein, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and the local authority in order to work out a strategy for delivery and management of the HAWSE project pending planning permission.

This project is sensitive and it is in the planning process at present, once consultation has taken place with the local community locations will be shared.

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Project Design:

The HAWSE interior units are manufactured off-site and delivered to site as a kit-of-parts. An individual HAWSE unit consists of an en suite bedroom, while every 5th unit is a communal laundry, kitchen and dining area. After their useful life, the components are demountable and reusable. Glazing is used at the front of the units to allow as much natural light into the space and a small area is sectioned off directly outside the unit to provide an external seating area.

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