MOVING Schools, Mae Sot, Thai-Burmese border


moving schools

MOVINGschools was one of the first projects set up by Building Trust. It started with the need to help a group of displaced chidlren get a new school and became an idea of creating educational buildings that could be dismantled and reused time and time again for refugee and migrant communities. To all those that entered the original competition and to those that helped fund and build the project we would like to sincerely thank you for being part of a small project that has become something far greater!

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More photos:
Click 'here' to see full album of pictures from the project.

Assembly drawings for design: The MOVINGschools project is an OPEN source design and you can get the drawings on assembly and production 'here'

What Next?
To help get the next MOVINGschool off the ground please click 'here'



Contact the design team: If you have a question about the project that is not covered in the above information then please feel free to pose it to the design team.


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