Sea Turtle Conservation Tower, Honduras


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Sea turtles are one of the World's most endangered species and in no place in the World are they more at threat from humans than in Honduras, where sadly egg stealing and poaching are still every day occurrences. This project will see the improvement of facilities to provide safe hatcheries and nurseries for these gentle sea animals. The facilities will also aim to educate visitors and locals in the importance of protecting the species in the waters around Central America.

The island of Utila has a protected reef along its north edge within the Caribbean Sea, with long established turtle nesting grounds. Building Trust will work with local conservation groups with a history of protecting marine life in the construction of a tower to protect the area in nesting season and to teach and inform tourists and locals about the species. Care will be taken not to have a negative impact on the coastline that we are trying so hard to protect.

map costa rica

Project Design:
The design of the new facilities will make use of waste products and attempt to have as little impact on the islands resources as possible. Using pallets that are used to transport goods to the island is a great way to do this and the cladding of the tower makes good use of this abundant waste product. The project will be a tool to educate local people on sustainable building techniques as well as conservation and wildlife protection. Every effort will be made throughout the design process to involve local people with the decision making process and consult on the end product. It is important that the local people feel that they have contributed as much to the design process and decision making, as ultimately the success of the project will be down to them.

Project Images:

Aside from the obvious conservation aspects of the project, in turtle nesting season the tower also has a number of additional uses. The first is in educating locals about the native wildlife on the island, not only along the coast and in the sea but also in the trees and mangroves facing inland. The additional benefit also lies in eco tourism, where tours can generate income for other conservation projects using the tower to show tourists the wide selection of wildlife in the canopies and out to sea.

1 month consultation period to be carried out in tandem with material sourcing and selection.
1 month build time which will be announced 2 months prior to start to allow for volunteers to be able to make arrangements to help on the project.



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