Womens Health and Literacy Centre, Rajapur, Bangladesh


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Building Trust has agreed to work with the Mannan Foundation to help provide new buildings to encourage young girls and women to stay on in education. The new buildings will also include healthcare facilities for visiting doctors to provide health care to the residents of the village. The slab was completed in Jan 2015 and the team plan to retrun to complete the project when the funding target has been reached!

Rajapur is a small village north of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. The village has had the help of the Mannan foundation in providing a small primary school and now that same humanitarian foundation would like to increase its support to provide better healthcare and further educational possibilities to the people of the village.


Project Design:
The design of the new facilities will make use of both the local vernacular and sustainable techniques. It is the aspiration of the design team that the project will be a tool to educate local people on sustainable building techniques that they can use and develop long after the project is complete. Every effort will be made throughout the design process to involve local people with the decision making process and consult on the end product. It is important that the local people feel that they have contributed as much to the design process and decision making as possible, it is after all their building.

Project Images:
Below is an image of the site;

Building Trust volunteer Tumpa Yasmin has been working on the concept design with a local Charity (Mannan Foundation.) We have a team of local designers and volunteer engineers, that are ready to start the consultation & further design work once part of the funding goal has been reached.

1 month consultation period to be carried out in tandem with material sourcing and selection.
3 month build time which will be announced 2 months prior to start to allow for volunteers to be able to make arrangements to help on the project.



Contact the design team: If you have a question about the project that is not covered in the above information then please feel free to pose it to the design team.


We will reply as quickly as possible!


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