This page is dedicated to the academic institutions that either work on Building Trust projects or share our views on design. Through working with students and teachers of design, engineering and architecture we hope to explore themes such as the duty of care, shelter provision, the rapid urbanisation of our built environments, the effects of global warming on design, the developing/ digital Worlds and many more topics that relate to design and its place shaping our collective future. If you represent a college or university and would like to discuss setting a project for your students we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our contact form or email: info@buildingtrustinternational.org









Below is a growing resource of research papers that we find interesting and would like to share you. If you have a piece of research you would like to feature here, contact us.

Built environment + disaster relief:

Title Author Year  
Learning from the March√© Hyppolite Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: An assessment of the philanthropic reconstruction of an urban place David Smith 2011 PDF 
Towards a wider process of sheltering: the role of urban design in humanitarian response Alison Killing 2011 PDF 
Designing for Disaster: Evaluating the Potential for Application of Permaculture Design in Development and Emergency Contexts Zeya Schindler 2011 PDF 
Tarpaulins, transitional shelters or permanent houses: how does the shelter assistance provided affect the recovery of communities after disaster? - Two case studies in Indonesia: Aceh, 2004 and Yogyakarta, 2006 Victoria Batchelor 2011 PDF 
Safer Homes, Stronger Communities: A Handbook for Reconstructing after Disasters Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) 2010 PDF 
An analysis of the British military approach to reconstruction and development in Helmand Province since 2006 David Woodward 2010 PDF 
Revisiting Sharankhola: A review of post-sidr housing projects in Bangladesh Nadia Tithi 2010 PDF 
Green rehabilitation: Environmental sustainability and post-disaster shelter in India Federica Lisa 2010 PDF 
What does it take to operate as a development practitioner in post emergency shelter practice? Sophie Clare Jopling 2009 PDF 
Handbook on Design and Construction of Housing for Flood-Prone Rural Areas of Bangladesh Asian Disaster Preparedness Center 2005 PDF 
Earthquake Resistant Design of Non-Engineered Buildings In Indonesia Teddy Boen 2001 PDF 

Social housing and resettlement:

Can SMART housing solve the housng crisis in Karachi? Nida Shah 2012 PDF 
HFHI Housing Quality Standards Habitat for Humanity 2011 PDF 
An Assessment of the Impact of a Government Involuntary Relocation and Resettlement Programme on the Livelihoods of Development-Induced Displaced Populations: Study of Bujagali Hydropower Dam Project Affected People in Naminya Resettlement Village, Uganda Phiona Nampungu 2011 PDF 

Single Occupancy housing:

Housing Space Standards, GLA A report by HATC Limited for the
Greater London Authority
2006 PDF 


If you would like your research to feature here please do not hesitate to get in touch and share your work.

Some great points of reference.

Development Planning Unit. Bartlett School, UCL.
CENDEP. Oxford Brookes University.
Architecture in Rapid Change & Scarce Resources. London Metropolitan University.
Max Lock Centre. Westminster University.




Rural Studio, Auburn University, Alabama, USA
Shelter Centre, University of Cambridge
Sustainable Living Urban Model Lab, Columbia University, USA
RESET (Renewable Energy and Settlement Training). London
Auroville Earth Institute, India
Barefoot College, India
The Centre for Alternative Technology(CAT). Wales