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Framework House, Cambodia
Built 2014

Framework House
Family outside Framework House
Framework house in the countryside
Framework house in Cambodia
Bamboo used in Framework House

Building Trust International worked with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia to build a number of affordable housing projects including Framework House. The new house design from COLE takes just over one week to complete, using locally sourced materials and will give a widow and her family a safe, flood resistant home which they can invest in over time providing security and long term support. The design doubles the floor area of previous Habitat for Humanity homes by using bamboo and durable local timber. The roof is a nod to the traditional split trusses which increase ventilation inside and help with passive cooling. The Framework House has allowed for family and community engagement from the start in selecting living spaces and the layout of domestic areas. It will go on to provide a structure in which safe expansion and incremental investment can take place to meet the families needs. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and Cole + Partners.

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