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Bear Sanctuary, Vietnam
Built 2017

Vietnam bear sanctuary by Building trust international and Cole
Gabion walls at bear sanctuary
Free the Bears Vietnam bear sanctuary
Bear sanctuary Vietnam

Helping to bring bear bile farming to an end in Vietnam:

In 2014, Building Trust international were first asked to assist in the development of a new sanctuary for bears in Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam. Working alongside Free to Bears who hoped for a new facility in Vietnam where the organisation could provide a life free of cruelty and stress, and full of care and love for rescued sun and moon bears.

Free the Bears established a partnership with Vietnam provincial authorities and the Forestry Protection Department to confiscate bears from bile farms, as well as provide education and awareness on laws and efforts to end bear bile trade and farming.

The new bear sanctuary is made from gabion walls using locally sourced rocks with a prefabricated steel structure.

The design aims to immerse both bears and visitors in the wild surroundings using natural materials and reducing the use of man-made fences. In partnership with COLE + Partners.

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