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Winning Design by Kyle Wylde, Nathan Woodward, Stephen Hawkins and Charley Burrough, UK

Cool school students
Students inside Cool School
Original render of winning Cool School design
roof at cool school
Renovation of school in Mongolia

How do you get to school if it’s minus 45°C outside? How do you gain an education when your nearest school is 20km away?

In January 2015, Building Trust international announced our 6th design competition which sought to find an innovative school design proposal that could withstand the extreme Mongolian winters. Building Trust worked alongside our local partner World Vision, local government, the school community and a local contractor in Khovd, Mongolia to build the winning school design in July 2015.

The school could not have been built without the incredible fundraising efforts from the Our Write team in Canada. The team not only travelled to Mongolia to help renovate the existing school but also fundraised over £10,000 towards the new school build.

In association with World Vision, PLACE By Design, Our Write and the local school staff and contractors. 

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