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HOME Winning Design
HAWSE (Homes through Apprenticeships With Skills for Employment) designed by
Georgie Revell and Sarah Jenkinson from Levitt Bernstein

Winning render from HOME competition
Winning render design from HOME competition
Winning render design from HOME competition

The HOME competition brief asked for proposals to focus on low cost, single occupancy housing solutions in urban areas to respond to the deficit of affordable housing options. The competition had over 400 entries for both the professional and student categories and the judging panel was chaired by Building Trust, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and Crash.

The winning proposal uses temporary ‘pop-up’ structures to occupy redundant garages on existing housing estates in east London. The intention is for the project to be delivered through an apprenticeship scheme with components manufactured off-site as a kit-of parts. The structures are quick to assemble and can be inhabited immediately with the components being demountable and reusable. The proposals not only offer a home but education opportunities in construction techniques, a way of regenerating street frontage and a practical interim solution between other development possibilities.

The winning design in the student category was by Elena Ardighieri, Denmark.

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