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Morning School, Thailand
Built March - Sept 2022

Morning school
Classroom door design at Morning School
Morning School
Morning School in Thailand
Inside Morning School

A brand new colourful school bringing education to over 200 children on the Thai/Burma border. The latest MOVINGschool project called Morning School, which is the largest to date, provides multiple classrooms over two floors to children in need. 


The MOVINGschool project continues to provide safe learning environments for migrant and refugee communities in Mae Sot Thailand. Through our partnership with Kanallan and Indigo Children’s Fund we have been able to raise the funds needed for the construction of this fantastic new school. The colourful doorways and bright hallways create an inviting school environment. It was great to be working alongside the local building team Ironwood again to develop a further MOVINGschool project. Like MOVINGschool 001 the structure is made from steel columns which can be easily taken down if needed and moved to a new site. The building also makes use of wooden facades to offer shading in the classrooms and both local bricks for floor tiling and wood. In partnership with Kanallan and Indigo Children's Fund

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