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Paul Sweet Nursery, Mae Sot, Thailand
Built 2021

School nursery Thailand
Students at school
Paul Sweet nursery Thailand
Students inside school
School design

In 2012, the Building Trust team along with local contractors Ironwood and a team of international volunteers constructed the first MOVINGschools project, the winning design from the successful MOVINGschools design challenge. The school was built with the ability to be de-constructed and moved if needed.


In May 2017, Building Trust were asked to assist in moving the original school due to landlords increasing the price of rent forcing the school community to move to a new location. We are pleased to provide an update from the original school in its new location with a new nursery space to replace an unsafe building for children in need on the Thai/Burma border. The classrooms are now in full use and students have been enjoying playing football in the school courtyard and taking lessons from monks and their head teacher.

In partnership with Paul Sweet, Indigo Children's Fund, Kanallan, Ironwood

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