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Street Urchin, Phnom Penh
Built December 2022

Street Urchin bamboo at night
Bamboo baskets architecture
Design from above
Bamboo baskets used to create structure
Building Trust International volunteer

An exciting new annual temporary pavilion design challenge. The challenge highlights sustainable design and shines a spotlight on natural materials and low impact architecture. The collaboration of artists, designers, weaving communities and non profits created an architectural installation of more than 500 bamboo baskets names Street Urchin. These baskets created a curving canopy that nestled into a public space near the Friends Futures Factory and the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Curling around a large tree, the baskets contributed to the bumpy envelope and gave the pavilion an appearance of its sea creature name sake.

The design team headed up by young designer Noun Songty with support from Cole + Partners and Building Trust international were inspired by Cambodia’s rich and ancient basketry. The humble bamboo chicken coop design brought together designers, weavers, artists and students of architecture. The arrangement of the baskets formed a new and contemporary canopy which were assembled in just one week. This provided a temporary space in the courtyard inviting the public to enjoy events and community gatherings under its dappled shade and innovative design.

In partnership with Cole+Partners, Noun Songty and Creative Generation

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